Team Z

My Zambia was established and is managed by Leya Kawamba. It is a dynamic vehicle for promoting everything Zambia. Leya’s vision in setting up the MyZambia MyAfrica g8teway was to engage global interest in the nation and bring forward the very best development ideas.


Leya Kawamba-Kemp MA- Group Director (Co-Founder)

Leya holds responsibility for co-ordinating activities across the My Zambia platform. Zambian born, Leya has extensive experience in urban regeneration, environmental management and organisational leadership. Her work in corporate branding is supported by a strong suite of speech writing and public speaking skills. She is deeply passionate about traditional storytelling and committed to taking ownership of the African narrative.


Joel O’Loughlin BA Hons (Econ) – Managing Director (Co-Founder)

Joel is in charge of My Zambia business development. He is credited with being a founder of The African & Caribbean Chamber of Commerce UK, which has extensive business links across the UK, Africa and the Caribbean. Joel is a leading management consultant with 30years experience of delivering dynamic interventions in leadership, corporate social responsibility and inclusive management.



Koshita (Kosh)Shengamo a.k.a ‘Graver’ – My Z Cultural Executive

Kosh is a 19 year old, rising Zambian born musician, writer- performer. He is deeply passionate about promoting Zambian music, dance and fashion on the global stage. Kosh has performed live and recorded music with popular Zambian musicians such as Pompi, Trey City and many more. Kosh currently lives in Portsmouth, UK where has amassed a huge fan base and introduced them to Zambian music.

My Zambia Interns

Mr. William Hoste




Interested in being a My Z intern volunteer? Reach out to us